Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Petrofina's entrance in Congo


Discovery of an oil field near Moanda


Opening of Moanda Oil refinery


Creation of PetroZaïre (Elf)

Since 1922

  • 1922, Petrofina enters downstream of Congo, a Belgian colony, to distribute oil products from its Rumanian productions. It acquires a stake in the Company of oil of Congo, then acquires a majority status.

  • 1930, Petrofina builds a unity of cracking in Kinshasa, and Congo supplies several countries of FEA (French Equatorial Africa). After the War, Petrofina installs a deposit in Elisabethville, today Lubumbashi, and allocates a ship to supply the country, the Purfina-Congo Ship. The company develops its sales.
Usine de Léopoldville (Kinshasa), remplissage des fûts
1937, Leopoldville factory (Kinshasa), filling barrels
  • 1961, Petrofina deposits of Kolwezi and Elisabethville are destroyed within the framework of the fight of the Katanga for the independence.

  • 1964, Petrofina is associated with the discovery of an oil field near Moanda, by the SOCOREP (Congolese Company of oil researchl) which received a vast licence in 1959.

  • 1968, Petrofina is associated with the start of the new refinery of Moanda, which handles for its account 150 tons of oil a year. 

  • 1982 and 1984, Petrofina acquires new stakes in concessions in the region of Moanda - Banana. 

  • 1990, the Belgian Company enters on a new licence on the Congolese side of Mobutu lake, today Albert lake.

  • 1989, Elf creates a distribution company, PetroZaïre. 

  • 1991, the country faces disorders, and gives up the name of Zaire to become Democratic Republic of the Congo.