First presence of Total in Greece through the Société belge des pétroles


Creation of Total Hellas


Creation of Elf Oil Hellas

Total is present in Greece since 1923. It is nowadays present in oil and gas exploration, marketing of oil products and associates services and the Solar sector. 


1923 - 2019

  • 1923, Creation of the Belgian Oil Commercial Society (which will later be Petrofina) in the Near East, with a branch in Greece.

  • 1928, Development of Petrofina’s distribution activities in Greece: acquisition of land in Piraeus.

  • 1953, Petrofina increases its storage capacity in the Port of Piraeus.

  • 1964, Total enters in Greece by taking an interest in a partner company, Petroless; creation of Total Hellas.

  • 1985, Petrofina sells its distribution subsidiary in Greece.

  • 1989, Creation of Elf Oil Hellas in Greece, in Join Venture with former agent, Oil Co.

  • Today, Total is present in Greece in the marketing of petroleum products and associated services, the solar sector and oil and gas exploration.