Creation of Petroleum Development (PD) in Oman


Elf launches Sahmah oil field development in Oman


Total enters the Oman LNG project and opens an office in Muscat


Oman LNG Constitution; Total takes 6%


Total Group signs a new PSC on Block 4


Signature of the agreements needed to launch the Oman LNG project


Elf Aquitaine sells its upstream activities in Oman

Total is present in Oman since 1937.


Since 1937

  • 1937, creation of Petroleum Development (PD) in Oman, a subsidiary of Iraq Petroleum.

  • 1959, the CFP comes out of PD Oman because of the failure of exploration drilling.

  • In 1966, the CFP returns to Oman, taking over two-thirds of the Partex (Gulbenkian) stake, or 10%.

Recherche sismique
Seismic Research in Oman, 1967, DR - Total
  • 1970, discovery of Al Huwaiseh by PD (Oman).

  • 1972, PD (Oman) discovers small structures in the Ghaba region.

  • 1974, creation of Elf Oman.

  • 1975, Elf gets exploration permit.

  • 1979, Elf launches the development of Sahmah oil field in Oman.

  • 1980, production of the Dhofar field (PD Oman) begins.

  • 1981, Elf obtains new permits in Oman

  • 1984, construction of a market gardening unit in Oman by Total Agrosystems International.

  • 1986, Total uncovers an accumulation of oil in Oman on the Yibal permit, which remains to be evaluated.

  • 1989, Elf conducts an appraisal drill on Sahmah Southwest.

  • 1992, Total enters the Oman LNG project and opens an office in Muscat.

  • 1993, constitution of Oman LNG; Total takes 6%; launch of the construction of the liquefaction plant.

  • 1995, Total signs a new PSC on block 4.

  • 1996, signature of the necessary agreements to launch the Oman LNG project.

  • 1999, Elf Aquitaine realizes the sale of its upstream activities in Oman

  • 1999, commissioning of two liquefaction trains at the Qalhat plant.

  • 2001, the Oman authorities award TotalFinaElf block 34 in the south of the Sultanate, covering an area of ​​nearly 11,500 km2.

  • 2002, TotalFinaElf holds a 4% stake in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Production in 2002 is 48 kb / d on a Group basis.

  • 2004, on block 6 operated by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), of which TOTAL holds 4.0%, oil production reached 26 kboe/d on average in 2004 (Group share), a slight decrease compared to 2003 ( 28 kboe/d). The Oman LNG liquefaction plant (TOTAL, 5.54%) produces 6.9 Mt over the year, with short-term and spot deliveries in addition to long-term outlets in Korea and Japan. Oman LNG takes a 36.8% interest in Qalhat LNG (TOTAL, 2.04%).

  • 2005, block 34 is returned in May after completion of a 2D seismic campaign. On block 6, operated by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), of which TOTAL holds 4%, a new concession agreement takes effect on 1 January for a period of 40 years. TOTAL acquires 2% of the production sharing contract of the Mukhaizna field (block 53) following its transfer to the Western operator. A third liquefaction train of 3.6 Mt/y launched in 2003 and owned by the new company Qalhat LNG is commissioned at the end of 2005.

  • 2006, on Block 6, operated by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) of which TOTAL holds 4%, oil production reached 589 Mb/d, down from 2005 (631 Mb/d). On block 53 (2%), the development of the Mukhaizna heavy oil field is launched, as part of the production sharing contract signed in 2005. Two Oman LNG liquefaction trains (5.54%) produce 6.7 Mt.


Usine LNG (Gas naturel liquéfié) de Sur, au sultanat d'Oman, 2008, Marc Roussel
LNG plant (liquefied natural gas) of Sur, in the Sultanate of Oman, 2008, © Marc Roussel
  • 2013, December, TOTAL obtains the license for block 41 located in very deep waters. The permit is returned in 2015 after disappointing results.