Creation of Purfina Portugaise


Elf inaugurates a new blending of lubricants


Elf Portugal Productos Petroliferos is created


Gas Portugal (Elf subsidiary) is created


Hutchinson create a research center


Consolidation of the oil distribution activities of Total and CEPSA

The first presence of the Group in the country dates back to 1951. 


1951 - 2019

  • 1951, the CFP takes a 9% stake in the company SACOR (Sociedad Anonima concessionaria de rafinaçao), owner of the Lisbon refinery. This financial transaction is accompanied by a 10-year 2.25 MT delivery contract and a shaping contract for the CFP to supply CMC and CFDPA products.

Station service SONAP
SONAP gas station
  • 1955, Creation of Purfina Portuguese

  • 1988, Elf’s Lubricants Branch opens a new lubricant production plant in Portugal.

  • 1989, Elf Aquitaine creates a subsidiary for the distribution of petroleum products, Elf Portugal Productos petroliferos.

Feijo deposit of Elf Aquitaine
Feijo deposit of Elf Aquitaine
  • 1990, Creation of company Gas Portugal (Elf subsidiary)

  • 1990, Diagnostics Pasteur (Elf subsidiary for the distribution of diagnostic products) takes a 50% stake in the Portuguese company Biodiagnostico.

  • 1992, Total is chosen as Petrogal’s industrial partner in the privatization of the downstream in Portugal.

  • 1993, Total acquires a painting distribution company in Portugal.

  • 1997, Kalon (Total subsidiary specializing in painting in buildings) increases its stake in Flexcote in Portugal from 40 to 100%.

  • 1999, Hutchinson creates a research site in Portugal.

  • 2008, April 10, Consolidation of the oil distribution activities of Total and CEPSA, representing 300 gas stations and 11% of the Portuguese oil market, managed by CEPSA.

  • 2011, Total signs an agreement to sell its stake in CEPSA, which owns 3 refineries and 1,750 service stations.