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Accident 19 November 2013 at Antwerp refinery

On 19 November 2013 two contractors were killed during an explosion in the refinery of Antwerp. The president of RC (P Pouyanne) asked me to go as soon as possible to the refinery and to do an in depth investigation. The next day he came to the refinery to support the people. He also declared that "the investigation team was asked to do everything that was necessary to understand what happened and to avoid that this would happen ever again. The task of the investigation team is not to protect TOTAL". During the weeks that followed this dramatic event I felt that we all belonged to a TOTAL family. A core team of experts assisted , fully supported by the top management worked day and night for weeks to investigate every single detail. Experts from all branches and from the holding delivered assistance. It remains one of the most dramatic periods that one can experience but the solidarity across the TOTAL family (at all levels) to overcome this dramatic period is something that marked me.

One Total, our values
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