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All these fond memories still lingered in my mind!

Working in Brunei as a Finance Manager, I had to oversee numerous agreements. In addition, I was also assigned to work on the finalised unitisation agreements for R1 reservoir in the Maharaja Lela Jamalulam field.   

Geographically, this reservoir is located between Malaysia and Brunei. Our objectives were to conclude a fair agreement between Total and Petronas that would be mutually beneficial for both parties.  On the operating aspects, both parties have to come to terms, safeguard their own interest in a fair and feasible manner, not at the expense of one another.  These negotiations were very interesting.  Together with Mr Malcolm Fraser, the Legal Manager, we made numerous trips to Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu to meet team-members from Petronas Malaysia. Ultimately, the agreement was finalised in September 2003 after almost two years of discussions. 

My role as a Finance Manager was to lead the team with motivation.  On this unitisation programme, there were issues that popped-up unexpectedly along the line that needs to be resolved. Personally for me, coming from Luanda in Angola, I regard the Bruneian subsidiary as very well organised. The team was competent and efficient. The fond memories with all the staff whom I worked with in the Finance Division, still lingered in my mind.

Brunei was not a discovery for me.  In fact, I already knew Brunei back in year 1993 when I was an Economist based in Paris, performing calculations on Maharaja Lela. I still recalled that it was a very challenging and difficult project to be developed.  At that time, reserves were sparse and any expenses was a vital considering factor.  And in comparison, when I first visited Brunei in year 1993 at the centre of Bandar, it was very different then what it was in year 2002.  During my stay in Brunei, it was such an interesting experience that we had Mr John Perry, our charismatic General Manager, to whom we discovered cricket and Christmas carols!

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