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Bitumen UK gain Trade Association Recognition 2017

Total Bitumen UK has been awarded the Runner Up award for Environmental Innovations 2017 by the “Road Surface Treatments Association”.  This is the second consecutive year that the RSTA have recognised the work that Total is doing for their industry

The award was in recognition of the work carried out jointly by Total, Keily Brothers and Hoyer regarding the safe transfer of bitumen emulsions.  The innovation was developed during a series of workshops which involved our customer and delivery contractor, ensuring engagement at all levels.  The out puts of these workshops were:

A Human Error Analysis on the transfer task, resulting in a delivery procedure

A set of transfer delivery rules

A competency scheme for all parties involved

A new ullage and transfer note incorporating the outputs of the Human Error Analysis

Standardised PPE requirements and improved customer sprayer gauging requirement

A “Safe Transfer Passport”

This was implemented for the 2016 season.  Due to its success the RSTA and the REA (Road Emulsion Association) have taken this iniative in its entirety and implemented it as a joint industry “Approved Code of Practice”.  All members of the RSTA & REA will be expected to comply with this Approved Code of Practice for the beginning of the 2019 season.

As was the case last year the awards were judged by Ray Cooke, a Health & Safety Executive Principal Inspector and presented to Gary Rorke on behalf of Total Bitumen.

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