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Drilling fluids Research and Development at TCAP, INDIA

Technical Center Asia Pacific (TCAP) is established in Mumbai, India during September 2012 with functional research capabilities such as on lubricants, special fluids, and fuel. TCAP is the other major research center besides CReS (Centre de Recherche de Solaize) within Total M&S (Marketing and Services) group.  The research and development functions of Drilling fluids was transferred to special fluids in TCAP from CReS during January 2016 as a strategy to make TCAP a competency center for drilling fluids. It started with minimum drilling fluids rheological testing capability but now has been established as a complete research and development capacity with approx. $85,000 investment in 2017. TCAP is the lone competency center which has drilling fluids research and development capability within Total M&S. TCAP works directly with global market manager of drilling fluids (branded under Earth Science) based in Paris for all research projects.

TCAP is proficient in designing and developing a drilling fluid from scratch. At present two researchers are dedicated to drilling fluids research at TCAP. The center is currently working on various drilling fluids research topics; significantly on lubricity improvement additive for water based drilling (WBM) application. In which, range of esters, ester blends and Nano-suspensions are investigated. Extensive research interest has been provided to film forming esters due to its salt tolerance, cost effectiveness and biodegradability. These additives are vigorously tested under high salinity environment to mimic the wellbore conditions of drilling.

Besides WBM lubricant additive, TCAP is also conducting application based research on EDC (Environmental drilling compound) range drilling fluid base oil for business promotion. In which EDC’s significant properties are essentially studied to co relate its technical & business advancement over tough competition. Particularly EDC range fluids are better placed in drilling industry due to its extremely low aromatic content; hence provides better ecological advantages. TCAP researchers are actively involved to explore further technical advances of EDC ranges in association to low aromatic content.

Now, TCAP is actively involved in next generation research, based on new coming technologies in drilling fluids. This research involves with lot of laboratory scale experiments to develop the technological advantages against conventional technologies. Also, TCAP is considering possible collaborations with research institutes. Lastly, TCAP works rigorously on drilling applications and it will deliver success stories in the near future.

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