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“Future in Total” project at Lindsey Oil Refinery, 2016: no one was left aside

I joined the company in 2001 as a trainee outside operator on the FCCU. After about 4 years I progressed into the Centralized Control Room (CCR) and learnt the FCCU panel. And from there continued learning other units plus another panel before finally ending up in my current role as assistant shift supervisor which is basically running one of two panels and covering for the supervisor in his absence.

I was impacted by the “Future in Total” project (FiT) at the time LOR was going to restructure , back in 2016. Threats of job losses were a shock to everybody, but the way it was managed and handled by the company, trying to move people on, to change people’s positions, or helping people to retire was a big relief because it worked. It was a big team working commitment, and by helping each other, it allowed the refinery to have a future .

I chose to participate to the bicycle ride from Killingholme to Paris to commemorate the refinery’s 50th anniversary. It was also to help the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance charity whose intervention 2 ½ years ago was crucial to save  long-time colleague and friend Steve Cook.

I also loved the idea of riding into Paris and down the Champs-Elysées. An experience I shall never forget!  This ride is a brilliant memory of a very hard work carried out with good people.

One Total, our values
Respect for Each Other, Stand Together
50 years LOR


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