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Raymon-G. Levy - Exploration Director at Elf-ERAP and Elf-RE

Born in 1910. Bachelor of Science.

He began his career at the Cherifienne des Famines in 1938 as head of the research department - where he succeeded Willy Bruderer - then became director of exploration from 1953 to 1956.

Began in the Group as director of exploration for the Oil Research Bureau (BRP). Created the central geology and geophysics research service of BRP in Chambourcy.

When ERAP was created, he became director of exploration for the future Elf group. He oversees the redeployment of exploration to the North Sea, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Canada and Australia; an era marked by many successes.

He left the Group in 1975. Died in 1998.

[Sources: Jacques BODELLE, Pierre CASTILLON, Research stories; René MEDIONI, The work of French geologists in Morocco, Works of the French Committee for the History of Geology, French Committee for the History of Geology, 2011, 3rd series (volume 25, 1), pp.1-52]

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