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I began working at Lindsey Oil Refinery 20 years ago, in 1998 as an external operator. After 7 years I was promoted to the Training Officer position at the refinery. Following this promotion I was then given the opportunity to live and work in Paris for 3 years starting early 2009 until late 2011. This experience was a great opportunity in terms of personal development, I had the occasion to meet and work with a very diverse and dedicated group of people, in addition the potential to live in a different country in a wonderful city and learn a little about their culture. When I returned to LOR I lead a number of projects in safety and efficiency before being promoted again to the Head of Human Resources & Communications.

I love the idea that having started as an external operator, I was given an  opportunity in the Human Resources team and that during this period I was supported through my Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management & Development. I consider that within the company there are many opportunities for everyone to develop and this shows the respect which is given to all employees.

I feel I have a pioneer spirit which is why  I chose to participate to the bicycle ride from Killingholme to Paris (approximately 500km in 3 days) to commemorate the refinery’s 50th anniversary. We also used the event to raise money to help the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance charity whose intervention 2 ½ years ago was crucial in saving the life of our friend and colleague Steve Cook following a very serious road traffic accident.

I really appreciated the opportunity to spend a few days with people from the company I do not usually work or mix with, we started as employees of the Total but finished as friends with a great sense of team spirit and we look forward to planning our next adventure.

Here is a link to the newspaper who reported the event (there is a video link with an interview):


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