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Security is our DNA!

I spent 22 years in Total, in Refining & Chemicals. I started in 1996 in VIE. I did my training in Zealand and in Provence refinery, then, I had the chance to evolve in many positions in many plants in our Plant Refining System. I went to Normandy, Feyzin, Zealand, Donge, Antwerp, and now I am in Lindsey.

It is hard for me to remember a single event, as in LOR, there are events almost every day! I take it as a great sign of our activity.

On May 11th, we celebrated 1 year without accident in Lindsey Oil. This is a great, a massive team achievement. As security is our DNA, this illustrate the great and hard work from all the teams. I take a lot of pride from that.

Safety and stand together. Performance minded. These are the company’s values that are the most significant in this performance.  We dare to say things, and we achieve them.

One Total, our values
Safety, Performance-Minded, Stand Together


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