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When I started, I was the first Qatari female engineer in Field Operations!

I’ve always had a passion for Physics and Mathematics. Hence why, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering obtained at Texas A&M Qatar. Before joining TOTAL in Qatar, I worked in Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) for Formula 1 as a Control Systems Engineer. My job was to create software programs virtual driving simulators (racing & urban vehicles) but after a year and a half, I got bored of being seated in a laboratory!  I didn’t know much about the Oil and Gas industry but I was attracted by the multiple aspects of the field.

I joined TOTAL in 2013 where I started as an Operational Safety Leader and Methods engineer. In order to go offshore, I had to pass the famous T-BOSIET, a helicopter survival exercise. So far, my worse memory in TEPQ! The simulation took place in a ten meters deep swimming pool where an accident is simulated. I found it very difficult. After two months of joining, I went offshore for the first time. It was so awkward because I was the only woman on board and nothing is prepared to accommodate us on a on site. At that time, I was the very first Qatari female engineer in Field Operations and I had to be extremely confident. Going offshore was a good way to test me.

After a few years of experimenting different jobs inside the company, I joined the planning and development division. My favorite aspect of the job is the diversity; I have a chance to get my hands on multiple tasks and being able to decide what projects I can be involved in.  This week for example, we are currently discussing on how we can optimize our oil production by looking into the potential of each well. We need to decide if we are leading our target.  I learned a lot and I must say that I love this feeling of growing within the company. For sure, there is no boring day in TEPQ!

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