History of the Group's logos

On March 18, 1924, a handful of bankers, industrialists and Government representatives met in Paris for the first founding general meeting (the second will be held on March 28) of the Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP), the forerunner of the current Total group.

But it was in the early 1950s that the leaders of the CFP and the CFR (Compagnie Française de Raffinage) decided to create a distribution network of its own and, for that, to have a brand. In 1954, the new brand TOTAL and its logo (a red flame symbolizing energy crossing a blue circle representing the integration of activities) are adopted. Claude Le Coeur testifies on the genesis of this first logo.

At the dawn of the 1960s, the TOTAL brand began to make its way into the public mind. It now applies to a wide range of products: fuels and super-fuels, automobiles, engine oils, jetfuels for aircraft ... In order to attract motorists, gas stations are attractive, displaying brands and logos ... So the logo, always tricolor, is redesigned with bolder characters over time, to affirm the stability of the company. In addition to white, blue and red, new colors appear.

In 1970, the logo is still tricolor but redrawn with bolder characters to express more stability than conquest. Note also the appearance of the gold color in addition to the blue, white and red of previous versions. Diagonal bands convey dynamism. The orange color softens the logo making it warmer.

In 1982, Total rethought its visual identity by definitively adopting red, the color of vigor, and a new typography, more pronounced, symbol of power.

After the acquisitions of PetroFina and Elf Aquitaine in 1998 and 2000, Total became TOTALFINAELF then took the name Total in 2003, with a new logo. The latter represents the Earth and the energy of the Earth, the movement and the crossing of energies, of all the people of the world. The colors - yellow, blue, red - evoke the diversity, the dynamism and the colors of the companies of origin. Laurent Vincenti tells us the birth of this logo, which is still the one of the brand today.


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